Tips for the Beginner WordPress User

You want to start your own website without much technical knowledge and with almost no restrictions then WordPress is one of the greatest platform for you. As a beginner it is obvious to commit some mistakes and here are some common mistakes that usually beginners do. That can help you to avoid those mistakes.

Selection of Coded Theme
To choose a beautiful theme is the first step to make your website. You can get a number of free themes available but a beautiful theme with bad coder can ruin your site completely. So it is important to choose the correct theme for the website. WordPress has a list of approved developer and it is highly advisable to choose a theme from there only. You can also go for the premium theme which provided you full support and the chances or errors are almost negligible.
Choose complex login details
Easier and common your username and password is, easier it will be to hack. To save your site from hackers, it is suggested to create username and password as complex as possible. The combination of character, symbols, lowercase, uppercase, numbers should be used. Some online tools can also help you in this regard.
Include basic and essential elements
There is some basic information which should not be avoided while making the website. For example an introduction of the website/organization, a query/feedback/contact-us page is necessary in order to have a complete and impressive website. SO never try to avoid basic and essential contents.
Change the Permalinks as per your choice
Permalinks created by the WordPress is random and in fact it is a combination of special character, alphabets and numbers and it is really hard to remember it. You can select your own pattern to give a url to your post by logging into dashboard > settings > permalinks.
SEO Plugin is must
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important part of your website because it will decide the traffic on your page. There are lots of plugins available online which makes SEO simple and alsoyou can install any of WordPress certified plugin to optimize your website with the search engines.
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